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Flyer Alba Iulia Fortress
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the old Vauban-type fortress, regains its past glory and dignity and the citizens of Alba Iulia grow proud of being a part of the most historically rich land on Romania's territory.

"This initiative enriches the dowry of Alba Iulia with a new park, unique in Romania, where we have the opportunity to admire the amazing testimony of a historical and cultural heritage preserved for over 2,000 years, to have a good time with friends in restaurant gardens, to interact with artists in creative workshops, to appreciate together with our guests the art galleries and exhibitions, souvenir shops, to express ourselves through the most successful concerts and events which will take place here, to walk peacefully through the alleys of the biggest garden in our city, to contemplate the valuable legacy of the Romania’s other capital – our spiritual capital ...” - declared the Mayor of Alba Iulia, Mr. Mircea HAVA.

An imaginary figure projection will give you an image of the way the ditches look now. For example, did you know that ...

  • 110 ha is the surface on which Alba Carolina Citadel arches its imposing walls with seven bastions, ravelines, countergards and defence ditches? And if this doesn't inspire you, you can think of a surface similar in size with 30 stadiums such as Santiago Bernabéu ...
  • Over 6 billion grass leaves and over 65 000 flowers lure you with their variety and scents into a walk along the ancient walls? A little imagination exercise shows that there are enough grass leaves for each inhabitant of the planet and enough flowers for every tourist ...
  • 20,000 people, this is the human capacity supported by the reconfigured routes which are now pedestrian surfaces as they were in the XVII century. This number is worthy of a Guinness Book record, similar to the value of the Largest Group Hug record when nearly 10,000 people literally embraced their city ...